Dual Size

Footwear profile and its usage advantages:

- weight: 791g (single), 1.86kg (boxed pair)
- sole made from solid polyurethane with high resistance to abrasion and tearing,
- upper made from cellular polyurethane with high flexibility,
- self-cleaning and anti-slipping sole - SRC class resistant to diesel oil, vegetable oil and detergents,
- sole resistant to temperature up to 150°C in a short duration contact,
- lightness and flexibility very good isolation properties - preventing the overheating and cooling of the feet even on wet and cold working places upper has an additional line which enables its shortening,
- high durability and robustness resistant to bacteria and microorganisms inlay sole from Sanitized® material absorbs moisture, with anti-bacteria properties. Absorbs perfectly sweat and prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus,
- easy footwear remove,
- antistatic,
- absorption of energy in the heel area protecting the skeletal system from excessive load,
- high usage comfort,
- stable sole and ergonomic shape of the upper,
- ankle protection,
- easy bending of the shoes,
- without toe cap,
- bottom insulation from cold - CI,
- easy to clean and sanitize,
- produced according to French shoe numbering system in sizes from 36 to 50,
- especially recommended for mining, construction work, farming, forestry and animal breeding

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