Leon Boots Co. ltd

Existing on the Market for many years as a distributor of EVA Wellington Boots we have gained experience and knowledge about this Market and found a great potential in this type of product. By listening carefully to our valued customers we have also discovered a growing market niche for ULTRALight Protective/Safety Boots which are now known as a revolutionary alternative for outdated heavy rubber or PVC footwear. 

In 2016 together with Team in Ireland we have decided to create our own brand of footwear 'LBC - Leon Boots Co' and take a part in rEVAlution in the world of Rain Boots, which has started in Europe and now is spreading fast around the Globe.

In order to provide the best quality products we work only with well established manufacturers from EU.

We are targeting Hardware, Construction, DIY, Footwear, Farm and Garden sectors. With Factories based in Central Europe we are ready to serve the most demanding clients with wide range of footwear, excellent service and timely manner at competitive prices and quality under EU regulations. Our ULTRALight range of boots with removable and washable warm linings is getting now significant market share so if you are in business don't miss it out!

Top 6 benefits

1) LBC Boots are Lighter by up to 65% than other Rain boots available on the market

2) LBC Boots come with Removable and machine-washable warm liner, which allows wear with or without the liner during the whole year 

3) LBC Boots are softer and much more comfortable than any other boots availble on the market

4) LBC Boots are very durable as they are made by a direct injection moulding process without gluing or vulcanizing processes which makes them resistant to splits and cracks.

5) LBC Boots soles give great cushion especially in the heel area which supports comfort of use even during long hours of work.

6) LBC Boots can be used in temperatures up to -30'C 

Competitive details of EVA versus Rubber

As mentioned above EVA boots are made by a direct injection moulding process so are more durable than Rubber boots which are known from possibility to crack and split especially in the areas of of material merging 

EVA is a great temperature insulator which can keep feet warm even in very low temperatures.

EVA is more resistant than rubber to changing conditions of use 

EVA is even 65% lighter than Rubber

EVA is much softer and more pleasant in touch for human skin 

Key Technical Specs

LBC Boots are made of EVA foam which is up to 65% lighter than PVC & Rubber 

LBC Boots are made of EVA which is non-toxic material

LBC Boots do NOT contain chemicals known to State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm